Pictures: 1) P&F winery, Jeruzalem hills, Slovenia. 2) Ščurek winery, Goriška Brda, Slovenia. 3) Santomas winery, Istria, Slovenia. 4) Kabola winery, Istria, Croatia. 5) Matuško winery, Pelješac, Croatia. 


Our unique wine & sightseeing private tours of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia are ideally suited to couples or small groups of friends or family who would like to explore the most popular sights and hidden gems of the region whilst indulging their quest for discovering new wines.

We would like to think of ourselves and our clients as wine enthusiasts rather than wine experts, discovering and enjoying new wines in relaxed and informal settings.  Regular client feedback tells us that many of our most enjoyable winery experiences are provided by our carefully selected smaller producers who are passionate about their wines, just as much those provided by the established big names. We therefore organise visits to a range of wine makers both small and large, so that you can compare for yourself.  Our recommended wineries have been researched and selected for the quality of their wines, a good selection of grape varieties that are typical for that region and for their friendliness and hospitality. Where possible our wine tasting and cellar tours are co-hosted by the owners of the vineyards so that you can meet the personalities and find out first hand the stories behind their wines.

Goriška Brda, Slovenia: Movia, Ščurek, Marjan Simčič, Vinska Klet Dobrovo, Tomaz Prinčič, Štekar.

Vipava Valley, Slovenia: Sveti Martin, Žorž.

Karst, Slovenia: Štoka.

Istria, Slovenia: Santomas, Rodica, Rojac, Vina Koper.

Ptuj, Ormoz & Jeruzalem, Slovenia: Vinska Klet Ptuj, P&F, Verus, Puklavec.

Istria, Croatia: Kabola, Kozlović, San Tommaso, Trapan, Fakin.

Pelješac, Croatia: MadirazzaMatuško.

Montenegro: Plantaže.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Anđelić.

Serbia: Aleksandrović, Temet.

To find out more about these producers, click on each name and there is a link to their website.

If you would like to visit one or more alternative wine cellars who are not actually mentioned in the list of producers above, please let us know and we will gladly oblige. We are always pleased to discover and establish new relationships with wineries throughout the region.

For more information about our custom made wine & sightseeing tours, please refer to the main menu above.

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